Street Wise

This column will focus on handy awareness and self defence tips for your child, however, it is also applicable to one and all.

4 Basic Assault Zones

  • Home or Apartment
  • Travelling
  • Walking between transportation and destination
  • On foot in public

Prevent/Decrease Unwanted Entry

  • Keep windows and doors locked
  • Install and use good, strong security devices at all times.
  • Keep drapes closed so those outside canít see who is at home or whatís inside.
  • Install and use alarm systems.

Encounters at the Front Door

  • Donít open the door to anyone unknown.
  • Install and use a peep hole in the door.
  • Install and use a security chain.
  • If unsure, ask for identification.
  • Donít let anyone know when you are home alone.
  • If in doubt, call the police.
  • If you donít answer they may break in.
  • Try and have someone visit if someone is to work in your home.
  • Keep a phone in and a lock on door of bedroom.
  • Never hide a key for the front door.
  • Lock garage door and back door.
  • Keep entrances well lit.
  • Use good dead bolts.

Encounters Over The Phone

  • Donít let an unknown caller know you are home alone.
  • Never give out name and address over the phone.
  • Donít repeat your number to someone on the phone. (all calls could be monitored)
  • Call Telkom for repeated prank calls.
  • Never talk to obscene callers. Hang up.

Threats While in Your Car

  • Plan your route ahead of time.
  • Fill up tank when 1/2 to 1/3 empty.
  • Make sure all preventative measures are current.
  • Have a cell phone in case of emergencies.
  • Keep a flashlight and batteries at all times.
  • Have a candle and matches in glove box.
  • Some kind of legal weapon.
  • Monitor vehicles travelling behind you, if you suspect you are being followed, drive to the nearest Police Station.

Going To Or From Your Car

  • Make sure all doors are locked and windows rolled up.
  • Park near a light, close to your entrance.
  • Donít park next to large objects.
  • Have keys out while approaching your car.
  • Go back if anything looks suspicious.
  • Be careful while putting packages in car.
  • Donít leave the engine of your car running while opening your garage door or gate; an opportunistic car thief acts very quickly.

Car Security

  • Alarm your car.
  • Avoid convertibles.
  • Donít have mail, or anything with your address visible inside your car.
  • Make sure windows are rolled up and doors locked when in your car.
  • Keep valuables out of view; handbags, money, parcels should be kept in the boot, out of sight.


  • Move briskly and with purpose.
  • Make the right amount of eye contact.
  • Keep conversations with strangers brief.
  • Avoid clothing that would reduce your ability to respond to a threat.
  • Stay wide of solid objects.
  • Carry a noise maker or whistle.
  • Use ďfireĒ not help.

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